Colour Variation

As the paintings are digitally photographed the colours you see here may vary slightly from the original. This also depends on the pc monitor used and the screen settings. However, every effort has been made to ensure accurate representation of the originals.

Quality and Materials

All artwork is created using only the finest professional artist's materials.


All canvases used are of the highest quality. Canvases are secured at the rear, with no visible tacks or fixings on the sides giving a gallery feel.

Artist's Copyright

All artwork displayed as well as the images of them are the intellectual and material property of the artist who created them. Any reproduction, in part or whole, of the artwork without the expressed permission of the artist is prohibited.

Shipping and Packing

Your artwork will be shipped upon receipt and clearance of payment. Your artwork will be carefully packaged by hand to ensure safe, undamaged delivery.

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